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The financial industry spends billions of dollars each year to prevent security breachs which would lay open thousands of pages of sensitive data to hackers but seem to consistently fail to toughen their weakest link which is their employees.

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Criminal enterprises have become as sophisticated and well trained as most legitimate enterprises and in most cases they take their work much more seriously than the average employee. Crane Intelligence, a group of Alabama Private Investigators, finds that in as many as 30% of our financial security breach investigations, employees unknowingly supplied the missing piece of the puzzle to the intruder(s).

Financial Intelligence Services by Crane Intelligence
Financial Intelligence Services by Crane Intelligence

If you will take a few minutes to just lean back and close your eyes, let me give you a view of what one of these criminal enterprises looks like from the inside. The picture I paint here is repeated all across the globe with many here in the United States but the most notorious work from countries that either overlook the illegal activity or do not have the resources to combat it. The typical hacking operation consists of a number of individuals working together to solve a puzzle. The puzzle is your data server(s). Each team member has an expertise and their findings are relayed to a common computer screen for all to see. Team members often place bets on which one will be the first to solve the puzzle. To start the game, the name of your business is known, any related IP addresses are known and all variables that might help solve the puzzle are displayed to the group. The competitive atmosphere continues to escalate with many team members working around the clock to solve the puzzle. As mentioned earlier, the missing piece is often found when an employee left a bit of information on a social media site or casually mentioned a critical piece of information while having lunch with a friend at the sandwich shop down the street from your gold mine of information–bet you don’t know who that is setting at the next table.

Loose ships sink ships as do scratch pads, sticky notes and personal smartphones. When you find yourself in need of locating your weak links, Crane Intelligence can do the job for you or we can teach you how to be a spy. You will learn to be a criminologist, a sociologist, anthropologist and maybe a bit of a pyschologist. You will learn that people love to talk and most just talk too much.

As an end note, there are entire cities in middle and eastern Europe where the majority of the population are self-employed hackers. Many do nothing but troll social media sites looking for information to sell. They have set up online sites to which they publish their information and charge monthly fees to other hackers for access to the information. It reality, its very bad out there.