Scenario Based Training

Scenario Based Training For Governement and NGO

Tracy O. Crane, Certified Protection Professional
Tracy O. Crane, Certified Protection Professional

Crane Intelligence, Inc. has contributed to both Government and private concerns in the area of Scenario Based Training. On the other hand, we have learned from the defense and aviation industries. All-in-all, everything considered, a pretty nice trade.

What has been learned by this trade? Adults learn nothing at all when subjected to the old “chalk and talk” classroom where the instructor does all the talking and possibly dances thru a slide show presentation of nothing more than the same words being spoken. The old-fashioned linear style of teaching has been proven to be totally worthless – finally!

Real Life Training

Real life is complex. Stimulation of thought comes from a complex array of inputs and directions. There are multi-dimensional issues required to solve even the simplest of problems and therefore human problem-solving thought processes must be developed and trained through exposure to a complex array of inputs from many directions.
It may sound complicated but it is not. Scenario Based Training is simply the process of exposing students to the real world – real life scenarios.
Crane Intelligence instructors will not try to motivate you with speech or impress you with colorful graphics. What we will do is immerse you in a learning environment that allows you to be human – to exercise your inborn non-linear thought processes that will mold your behavior and sharpen your skills for problem solving.

Whatever It Takes- You Will Take It With You

We deliver what we promise: we deliver the depth of learning that will actually change your behavior. No memorization; no ongoing repetition of drills and practice. Our Scenario Based Training conditions you to make informed judgement calls when the world around you is falling apart at high-speed.
Crane Intelligence makes training as life-like as possible. We don’t have any flight simulators or war games but what we will do is throw you into situations with little more than an overview of the situation and your objective. There is no linear path to the outcome. The situations are complex and you may fail but you will become much better at making critical decisions, maybe life-threatening decisions – but you will find yourself making better decisions with each scenario presented.

Live It, Love It. Become A Natural!

Come learn with us. Learn to discover your own patterns of response and how to hone them to the point you can anticipate natural reactions and act accordingly. Learn to make real life decisions and take on real life risks without the anxiety and dread. Our Scenario Based Training is much less expensive and stressful than the School Of Hard Knocks – and, you’ll love it.
Live It Love It™
Tracy O. Crane
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