Crane Intelligence Carjacking Training

HNW Targets Of Opportunity

Criminals are much more selective when it comes to their preferred targets of opportunity during Christmas and New Year. They realize that high net worth individuals offer the likelihood of a better score. As a result, criminals will put much effort in selecting and casing areas and venues catering to high net worth individuals.

Do not abandon your own due diligence and situational awareness just because you may notice heightened security measures at locations you frequent. Criminals know the security measures better than you and have already surveyed the property, the personnel and law enforcement response – they know when and how to hit their victim in order to have the optimum chance of a successful crime.

Always exercise extreme caution when approaching or leaving your home, place of business and while shopping. Just a few extra minutes of observation will pay huge dividends.

Crane Intelligence offers anti-hijack training which will help you avoid, reduce and control the risk associated with the holiday season. Let us help you equip yourself with the understanding and practice of preventative measures.

Tracy O. Crane