Alabama Asset Searches And Investigations

To fully understand your investigation needs we would like to discuss your particular circumstances. Please feel free to call Crane Intelligence at 877-573-6600 for consultation on Alabama asset searches and investigations. Our Alabama office has a concentration of skilled and experienced investigators for many types of investigations and specifically Alabama asset searches. We have extensive experience in these types of investigations and can provide your legal team with the litigation support they need.

Searches include bank accounts, savings accounts, brokerage accounts, etc. We provide a comprehensive report of relevant and actionable information that helps determine the economic feasibility of pursuing a law suite.

Our pre-litigation asset search investigations can be used to determine what assets may be looked at if a judgment is ordered. The investigation report can be used to determine if legal proceedings are economically worth the effort. The evidence obtained during the asset search can be admissible in court.

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About the author: Tracy O. Crane