Crane Intelligence Forensic Technology

Forensic technology is used for identification, interpretation, and assessment of evidence gathered from a crime scene. Recent developments in various forensic technologies has resulted in the increased application and demand in investigations.

Forensics has time and again proven to be effective and produce reliable results and has successfully assist in solving many issues for investigators and law enforcement.

Forensic science involves many branches of science when dealing with crime scenese. It is common for the sciences of chemistry, biology, psychology and physics to be utilized as common practice to gather information relevant to criminal and legal evidence.

The majority of cases using forensic technology is exercised in laboratories, but certain tests have to be conducted at the crime scene in order to obtain the most significant evidence of the crime.

Crane Intelligence continues to build significant relationships with forensic technology scientists including those in the area of automated liquid handling technology, capillary electrophoresis, microarrays, next generation sequencing, polymerase chain reaction, rapid DNA analysis, and other types. Our past experiences with these technologies has resulted in our involvement in biodefense & biosurveillance, judicial or law enforcement and other applications.

T.O. Crane