Due Diligence Services

Our due diligence consulting services begin with a focus on the critical elements of your need. Our investigation scope is necessarily broad so focusing on the critical elements at the onset of the analysis and investigations often saves our clients needless billable hours. Its a matter of expertise and service focus. By having Crane Intelligence handle your due diligence throughout the deal lifecycle you spend less time and money.

From the start to completion, our highly-experienced teams draw upon dozens of specialists with considerable insight and experience which allows for focused, time-saving efforts. Our staff, working with specialists in a variety of fields, produce actionable information which means you are less likely to make important financial or legal decisions that would result in taking on unnecessary risk.

Our services are discreet and confidential and utilize local, national and international resources to deliver the facts in a tried-and-proven federal format as well as an executive summary.


Acquisition Due Diligence

Corporate Finance and Valuation

We have extensive experience and are recognized experts in analysis of commercial and financial information. Your objective is make the right move at the right price without buyer’s remorse. Do not move on assumptions – we provide financial due diligence that will give you peace of mind by analyzing and validating all of your financial, operational and strategic assumptions.

Buy Side Due Diligence

We provide forensic accounting services and provide detailed, concise reports makes it easier for you to structure and negotiate a favorable purchase.

Vendor Due Diligence

Vendor due diligence addresses the concerns and issues you may have with a potential vendor. Our team will prepare a non-biased view of potential vendors giving your business unit the information needed for a final sign-off or no-go. If your company is not currently performing vendor due diligence you could potentially be exposed to audits, license revokation, penalties or legal action.

Pre-transaction Due Diligence

Hiring Due Diligence

Professional Vetting Due Diligence

Litigation Due Diligence

Expert Witness Vetting Due Diligence

Self Due Diligence

Do not overlook the necessity of having a thorough investigation of yourself, board of directors and any individual that has a postion of responsibility in your organization. Crane Intelligence delivers skilled and comprehensive reputation searches that serve to protect you from potentially damaging information in public media sources. We also offer ongoing “Reputation Management” services that monitor open source intelligence sources for misleading or intentional negative publications. Social media and other sources of publicly accessible information can damage your reputation which in turn negatively affects your company.

Due diligence investigations are a risk mitigation tool that you should use to gain a broader and more in depth view resulting in a more confident decision or action.