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Church Security & Awareness Training :: Birmingham AL June 8, 2016

Church Security & Awareness Training
Birmingham AL :: Faulkner University Campus
June 8, 2016

The Church Security Conflict

There are always two sides to every issue. It can sometimes be difficult to convince a congregation for the need to be concerned about their church’s security issue. Some of the most common statements are:

  • God will protect us.
  • We have local police and medical response teams.
  • We don’t want armed guards at our church.
  • We don’t have the resources.

As a former FBI Field Intelligence Group Supervisor, and a Christian, I must say that I understand the difficult choices that must be made and I understand the Christian response. However, speaking from experience, I can say that today’s churches simply must be prepared. In response to the above arguments, I offer:

  • Throughout the Old Testament God depended on his warriors to fight the battles and protect the people (Neh. 4:9)
  • Local police have lengthy response times and are daily overwhelmed with calls. In times of an emergency, you cannot count on police.
  • Church members may view any security measures as being extreme, but all it takes is one incident and you will not have many naysayers. After the team is established, the congregation will grow to rely on your team to expand into more areas of responsibility.
  • Do what you can. Any prevention measure is better than none.

It’s So Much More Than a Gun Issue

While the likelihood of a deadly shooting at a church has increased dramatically in the last ten years, there are many other types of threats to church-goers, and especially children, that are more likely and, often, more preventable, including physical or sexual abuse, kidnapping, and theft of property or private information. Churches cannot afford to ignore this reality.

We understand why this is a difficult topic for churches:

  • Leaders want to preserve a peaceful atmosphere, and overt security measures would threaten this goal
  • The gap between faith and action can be infused with fear, and the balancing act between the two is often a source of great personal and corporate tension
  • An undesired and uncomfortable debate on the use of deadly force in the protection of church-goers is likely to occur

Please do not let these challenges keep you from examining the risks, solutions and true stories of churches confronted with crimes of all types. Each church must decide for itself what steps to take, and Mr. Crane’s information and guidance can empower those decisions with vital information. The fee for this seminar is $99.00. You can pay online or at the door but online pre-registration is required in order to receive class material by email before the seminar.


About the author: Tracy O. Crane