Protective Intelligence And Threat Assessment Investigations

Protective Intelligence And Threat Assessment Investigations

Crane Intelligence Investigative Division performs protective intelligence operations and threat assessment investigations focused on the protection of corporate officers, high net-worth individuals and public figures. These services require an in depth study of the individual’s environment and protection service starts with evaluation of any and all threat assessments and protective intelligence activities.

Crane Intelligence identifies, assesses and recommends management of potential threats. Working with state and local law enforcement, Crane Intelligence dissiminates its finding in order to partner with and educate all levels of protection. For consultation on personalized protective intelligence and threat assessment investigations, contact Tracy O. Crane at 205-285-8292 or email:

Executive Protection Services

Crane Intelligence provides personalized security solutions for people and assets at risk. Our staff and associates have extensive experience providing executive protection services to a wide variety of clients. Crane Intelligence has successfully adapted to missions around the world. All services performed with the utmost respect for discretion & confidentiality.

Since there is no “one size fits all” answer to achieving safety & security, Crane Intelligence modifies its services to accommodate special needs or requirements. any need or requirement such as:

  • Temporary or long-term assignment
  • Single or multi-day events
  • Individual or organizational safety
  • Fixed or mobile site security
  • Armed or unarmed
  • Conspicuous or plainclothes
  • Site & route security surveys

Crane Intelligence assures you of your physical and psychological wellbeing.

For more information please contact Tracy Crane.

Phone 205-285-8292 or Email: